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Garters, can be used both inside and outside your gowns. In our daily life, it is not popular used. However, it is very hot when in the formal events, like the wedding and prom. The wedding is always big day for the bride, make sure your clothing and everything in line, no unexpected and embarrassed things happen. The details make the perfection. When you wear the nice wedding dress, make sure you have got bridal garters to make sure nothing unexpected fall off. The same way for the prom or evening party. For girls about to the prom night, they will not only talk, but also dance, you need to make sure the clothing still stay in right position when you have a hot dance with ideal partner. At Feeltimes wedding shop, we provide many kinds of smart bridal garters and prom garters, they are not only functional to tight your dress but also provide smart fashion. There are different colours of garters, which can harmonize with your dress. Different embellishment such as flowers, beading and lace will make the clothing interesting.