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  • Stormy(6)
  • Ink Blue(4)
  • Dark Royal Blue(8)
  • Royal Blue(9)
  • Ice Blue(1)
  • Blue(1)
  • Turquoise(2)
  • Light Sky Blue(4)
  • Lavender(3)
  • Lilac(1)
  • Dusk(10)
  • Wisteria(1)
  • Tahiti(1)
  • Fuchsia(3)
  • Purple(3)
  • Grape(2)
  • Regency(1)
  • Mulberry(1)
  • Vermilion(1)
  • Burgundy(6)
  • Red(4)
  • Nude(10)
  • Coral(1)
  • Pearl Pink(6)
  • Blushing Pink(4)
  • Candy Pink(1)
  • Hunter(2)
  • Dark Green(6)
  • Yellow(1)
  • Taupe(4)
  • Champagne(11)
  • Gold(1)
  • Brown(1)
  • White(2)
  • Ivory(3)
  • Silver(18)
  • Steel Grey(5)
  • Black(14)

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Mother of the Bride Dresses

It is nice to know that your daughter is engaged. To make sure the bride that day perfect and stress-free, our mothers need to be perfect also. First of all, we need to find the colour of mother of the bride dresses can blend with the wedding or bridal gown. If you are not sure which colours do the best, for safe sake, you can try the burgundy mother of the bride dresses and blush mother of the bride dresses, these can perfectly match every colour. Of course, we will also consider the weather and wedding destination. At Feeltimes wedding shop, there are plenty of summer mother of the bride dresses for hot weather, modest mother of the bride dresses for cool weather and older mothers and also many young mother of the bride dresses. For outdoor wedding or beach wedding, Feeltimes has different length of mother of the bride dresses to suit the occasion. To explore more mother of the bride dresses suit the wedding and satisfy your tastes, you can also get more ideas in our 2018 mother of the bride dresses.