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Confident in their favourite looks: Feeltimes customers all over the world share their personal style moments with us.



When you have got the wedding ball gown, do you know what kind of bridal petticoats should you use? How many hoop wedding petticoats it should be? If you are not sure of this, you have come to the right place. Our shop provides the best bridal petticoats with different volume to fit all kinds of dresses or the poof you want. The wedding gowns without bridal underskirts will be less flattering, maybe the first eye you fall in love with the gown is the poof look with the petticoats. To provide great support on your wedding gowns, the bridal petticoats here are all 2 hoop wedding petticoats which will support and provide poof eternal. At Feeltimes wedding shop, you will have better shopping experience, as we provide most gowns with built in petticoats. If you want to get a personal poof with your dress, you can also select different length of bridal petticoats to wear. There mini petticoats, knee length ones, floor length underskirts and long trail ones.