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Bridal Gloves

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Bridal Gloves

Though bridal gloves are not much of cost, but it is helpful for your wedding dresses. Most brides will find the gloves after buying the wedding gowns. With different dresses, the bridal gloves can be various. At Feeltimes wedding shop, we have got all the length of bridal gloves for your dresses. If your dress is sleeve length, the elbow-length bridal gloves will look great and elegant on you. If your dress is short sleeves, you can get either an elbow length or wrist length glove to match. To match the colour of your dress, we have also different colours of bridal gloves for selection. Different fabric of bridal gloves such as lace, satin and tulle make sure they will match the dress fabric also. As the gloves make statement also, our stylish embellished gloves will make sure you are getting the best look. There are floral gloves, beaded sparkle gloves, lace embroidery gloves and sheer gloves. Flower gloves will harmonize with your floral dresses, and sparkle ones can balance with the plain wedding dresses, sheer gloves will showcase your slim fingers very well.