Makeup Collection - FeelTimes


Now you have got the perfect dress for the party coming soon. Do not forget to do the makeup to bring up your qualities. While doing the makeup in beauty salon is easy and convenient, but it maybe too much costly. To do the makeup on your own can never be nightmare once you make the start. At Feeltimes beauty store, we have prepared for you all kinds of makeup tools to help you do the makeup the most easy way. For different facial makeup, we have eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow liner, lip liner and makeup brush sets. For different colour shades, we have nudes makeup palette, pearl palette and matte palette. The palettes here consist all the colour shades for different style of makeups, they are price of no more than 1% of your dress even. No matter you are freshman to do your own makeup or professional makeup career, we have all the hues of palettes and makeup brush sets to be the best help. With our beauty store, you will enjoy the one-stop shopping for dresses and accessories here no more convenient than elsewhere.